VM311 WIN311 Upgrade of Vibration String Sensor Module


Item specifics: 

Type:Air Conditioner Parts

Product Description

COMWIN  Internet of things security monitoring navigator

We are the safety monitoring equipment research and development, production, solution provider

Factory direct sale   Authentic guarantee

Industrial production standards, Stable performance.(Working temperature-40~85)

Embedded chord reading module vm311, Small volume, Low power consumption, Strong compatibility. Stable performance, The accuracy and reliable.




Product parameters

Measuring range


Measurement resolution


Accuracy of measurement


Appearance of size


Digital interface


The power input


The average power consumption


Working temperature


Communication protocol


Product front and back display



Function introduction

What does the embedded string reading module bring to us?

Powerful functions

Single press to realize the vibrating string excitation;

Return signal amplification after excitation, support dynamic amplification, and the amplification can be configured;Support temperature measurement.

Ease of embedded integration

High-quality high-density PCB board, four-layer processing technology, ultra-small size, volume only 60*36*3.3, easy to integrate into other products.

Strong compatibility

Suitable for all kinds of single - string vibration sensor.

Convenient for mass production

High integration, small size, table stick stamp hole package design, easy to patch type assembly line mass production.

Ten functional features

1. High precision

2. Small volume

3. Low power consumption

4. Strong compatibility

5. Dual mode switching

High voltage pulse, Low frequency sweep, User can customize excitation voltage

6. Automatic continuous measurement or single start by pressing keys

7. The four measurement parameters are measured synchronously

8. Accuracy up to 0.5hz

9. Output interface:RS232+RS485+UART(TTL)

10. Communication protocol:MODBUS/AABB.